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Lutheran Student Chaplaincy

Lutherans in Britain
Who the chaplaincy serves
Where is the chaplaincy?
What does the chaplaincy do?
Chapel and Worship
Retreats and Residential trips
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What is the International Lutheran Student Centre?
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Lutherans in Britain   (top of page)

The Lutheran Church takes its name from Martin Luther, a monk and theologian in 16th Century Germany. He was one of the most influential reformers of the church, and his teachings continue to challenge the church today. Primarily the Lutheran church emphasises that God offers his love as a gift to us—not as something we can earn by what we do. In Jesus, God shows us that we are loved as we are, with our many failings, and when we trust in this promise, we are brought into a right relationship with God. That faith empowers us to share love to our neighbours, in thanks to the God who loved us first.

For more information about the history and work of the Lutheran churches in Britain, click here

Who the chaplaincy serves   (top of page)

The Lutheran Student Chaplain is particularly available to any students who are from a Lutheran background (which will include lots of international students, such as those from the Nordic countries whose national churches are Lutheran, as well as many other countries), but also to any who are interested in learning more about the Lutheran tradition

Where is the chaplaincy?   (top of page)

The Chaplain, the Revd Tuulia Matikainen-Castledine, is part of the larger team of chaplains to the universities in London. She is based at the International Lutheran Student Centre (ILSC), at 30 Thanet Street, WC1H 9QH, and can be contacted by phone: (020) 7554 2992; or by email:

What does the chaplaincy do?   (top of page)

At the ILSC, we worship together on the first Sunday morning of every month and the third Sunday evening of every month (except in summer vacation). We also share in discussion groups, hear speakers from groups like Amnesty International and Christian Aid, and have lots of social occasions, too. If you would like to come to anything that we do, or if you would like to talk to the Chaplain, please contact Tuulia, who will be happy to see you, either at your institution, or at the ILSC.

Here are some of the things that we have been doing recently:

Chapel and Worship

First Sunday of the month: Holy Communion, 7.00pm. Third Sunday of the Month: Informal Evening Worship, 7.00pm. 9.30am Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: Morning Prayer

Discussions   (top of page)

The Chaplaincy provides opportunities for Bible study and discussion around a range of topics from interfaith conversations to Fair Trade. ILSC residents also offer presentations on their fields of expertise or interest.

Outings   (top of page)

Students are invited to take the opportunity to visit places of historical, cultural and religious significance together. In recent months, we visited St Paul’s Cathedral and the St Paul’s Institute, as well as Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. We also visited the Houses of Parliament and went to the ballet at Sadler’s Wells.

Retreats and Residential trips   (top of page)

In the spring we try to organise a weekend (or longer) away from London, for a retreat or workshop designed to help participants think about their faith journeys and also to build a sense of community among participants. These trips are usually planned in cooperation with other chaplaincies in London.

Current Newsletter   (top of page)

The newsletter is distributed to all ILSC residents and others on the mailing list. To join the mailing list, please email:

What is the International Lutheran Student Centre?   (top of page)

The International Lutheran Student Centre is a hall of residence for international post-graduate students. Although its basic religious ethos is Christian, it welcomes applications from students of all faiths. To find out more, click here

Photo Gallery   (top of page)

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